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A Brighter Living Experience

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ABLE, Inc. has been providing residential care to people with developmental disabilities within Houston County for over 40 years.

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ABLE, Inc., has rewarding employment opportunities to fit your schedule. Full, Part and Substitute positions available in La Crescent and Caledonia, MN. If you want to feel great about what you do and enjoy supporting others, fill out an application!

Who We Are

ABLE, Inc., standing for, “A Brighter Living Experience,” has been providing residential care to people with developmental disabilities within Houston County for over 40 years.

First named Houston County Group Homes, the 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation began as a grass roots effort by concerned parents who sought an alternative to sending their loved ones with disabilities to state institutions or keeping them out of the public eye.

ABLE focuses on enhancing the lives of the people it supports by promoting their uniqueness and building their self esteem and independence in a safe and comfortable environment.

At ABLE, employees are united in the belief that people with disabilities are best served by those who value them as individuals, fellow community members and friends.

Services Offered

ABLE provides a broad range of services that enable people to pursue their dreams within their own homes or in one of the many homes located in Caledonia and La Crescent, MN.

The services provided by ABLE encourage individuals to participate in decisions and choices which affect their daily lives.
ABLE helps each person maintain independence and gain a sense of self-direction, while ensuring that a reliable and nurturing support network is available.

Depending on the individual’s need for companionship, instruction and supervision, services may vary from a one hour visit a week to a full twenty-four hours a day.

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Living independently, serving the community and being accepted: these are dreams shared by all people, especially those with developmental disabilities.

Welcome to ABLE Incorporated.

ABLE, Standing for A Brighter Living Experience, is an agency in Houston County, Minnesota, which has been providing residential services to people with developmental disabilities for over 30 years.

ABLE’s mission is to enhance the lives of people it supports by promoting their uniqueness and building their self esteem in a safe and comfortable environment.

Always on the forefront of the professional’s minds at able are the happy, smiling faces of the people they support, who are leading meaningful and enjoyable lives because of the care they receive through the organization.

At ABLE, employees are united in the belief that people with disabilities are best served by those who value them as individuals, fellow community members and friends.

ABLE began in 1979 as Houston County group homes.

Through the dedication of parents of children with disabilities who believed that their children had the right to live as members of the community, not to be sent to a state institution.

ABLE is not a single group home serving a handful of people, but a network of facilities, services and staff that touch every part of Houston County.

Today, ABLE is the county’s largest employer, with over 230 well-trained employees, and provides services to over 100 and ten individuals of all ages through its wide variety of services.

Let’s take a look at three people’s stories at each of the different levels of care:  Sarah, Lucy and Jason.

ABLE’s Houston apartments is where Sarah calls home.

The Houston apartments are one of ABLE’s intermediate care facilities.

These facilities are conducive to supporting people with higher needs, with a greater level of care and supervision.

Sarah receives wonderful care here.

She has massive needs.

The staff here takes care of herds feeding through the tube.

They make sure that she has recreational activities.

She does go to work a few times a week — enjoys her housemates as well.

The opportunity for Sarah to live here at the Houston group home through ABLE has has had, I think, a wonderful impact on both Sarah and on the rest of the family.

You know such a homey, loving, caring atmosphere.

Everybody really cares about her and and she knows that.

Next we visit Lucy on Courtney drive-in Caledonia, ABLE’s newest group home.

This is one of ABLE’s 15 single family homes that make up the supported living Services program.

Each home is structured to meet the needs of its residents.

I lived with ABLE now for 11 years.

The staff, I like em and they help me out.

I like to have help with my stitching once in a while.

I’d like to help make meals once in a while.

They help me with my laundry and showering and taking me places.

The best part of living here is making friends. Making friends.

And finally, Jason is a member of ABLE’s semi-independent Living Services Program.

This option is designed for adults who live with their parents or in their own home or apartment and need just a little help with finances, shopping, meal preparation, socialization or grooming.

ABLE helps me with my therapy five days a week.

I got my leg stretches.

I do certain leg stretches and learning how to trust my legs a little bit.

You know different things with that.

I got CP or cerebral palsy, so they do a great job coming in.

There’s different staff that I see.

So it’s not only one person I see every week.

It’s a variety of different staff.

They got great staff that come in and do that, to help to keep me mobile, so I stay out of the chair.

My therapy comes in around 8 o’clock and does 8 to 9:30, to do my stretches, and I get cleaned up and eat something and then-head off to work.

And then after my work, I’ve just spend a lot of time with my wife and son.

My wife’s name is Melissa and and my son’s name is Charles Stenson.

My son is one years old.

My future goals is doing a lot of things with my son, now that he’s getting older and stuff.

I like to watch him grow, and stuff, being a great dad.

Sarah, Lucy and Jason are able to serve their communities and lead productive lives thanks to a circle of supporters.

These supporters care enough about their community and the people in it to give back some of what they read.

Just like our financial supporters, Sarah Lucy and Jason are proud of the Houston County area.

We all share a common bond: caring about people and wanting to serve the community,.

ABLE, Incorporated, truly a brighter living experience for people with developmental disabilities.

Supported Living Services (SLS)

Supported Living Services (SLS) are residential based homes that can provide up to 24 hour supervision depending on the needs of the individual. ABLE operates 12 residential facilities throughout the Houston County area. Each home is customized to meet the unique needs of the people supported.

“ABLE is a very unique place because unlike many other caregiving jobs you are regularly spending 1 on 1 time with people supported. This aspect has allowed me to build a stronger, more in depth relationship with your individuals. I also think that ABLE does a great job of ensuring that our people supported are active in their community and partake in many events that involve everyone of all abilities”

Allyson N.

Direct Support Professional (DSP), ABLE, Inc.

Intermediate Care Facilities

ABLE’s Intermediate Care Facility provides a greater level of care and supervision for residents with higher needs. This facility is the Lancer Apartments in La Crescent.

“I work as a substitute at ABLE which helps with my busy personal life so that I can go to family events then sign up for shifts when I am available”

“When I come into one of the homes I’ve worked in since 2000, one of the guys tells me he missed me and it melts my heart. I have built long term, important relationships with the people I serve. It’s not a job when you enjoy what you do and I feel it’s an honor to be there for the people”

Hilda O.

Substitute Direct Support Professional, ABLE, Inc.

Support ABLE, Inc.

The ABLE Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, was established in 1993 to further the mission of ABLE and provide financial stability in uncertain times.

Several fundraisers are held each year to provide programs, equipment, and opportunities to improve the quality of life for those supported by ABLE.

Mission: to increase public awareness of ABLE, provide opportunities for staff development and secure funds for programs, facilities and equipment that will improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities supported by ABLE.

Vision: that the needs of the people supported by ABLE will be met, that the quality of their lives will be improved and that ABLE employees will have opportunities for growth and development because of the work of the ABLE Foundation.


ABLE Foundation Annual Campaign

The ABLE Foundation’s 2023 Annual Campaign is now underway.
If you wish to participate and lend your support but did not receive one of the annual campaign mailings, please contact Krista Coey-Bernau @

Buy Kwik Trip cards

You can support the ABLE Foundation and its mission every time you fill your vehicle with gasoline, just by purchasing Kwik Trip Gift Cards through the ABLE Foundation-Kwik Trip Scrip Gift Card Program.

You buy the gift cards, which are available at ABLE in $5, $10, $20 and $25 denominations, at face value, and a portion of your purchase remains with the ABLE Foundation.

Scrip Gift Cards can be used at the Kwik Trip pumps or for any in-store purchase, excluding money orders. There is no minimum purchase required.

To purchase Kwik Trip Scrip Gift Cards, contact Krista Coey-Bernau @

Make a Donation

You can help us create a brighter living experience for people with developmental disabilities!

Over the years, ABLE Foundation, Inc., has been sustained by a circle of financial supporters who care so much about their community that they give back some of what they reap. With increasing cuts in state and federal funding, it is becoming more important than ever before to expand our circle of support.

To make your tax-deductible donation, please make your check out to ABLE Foundation, Inc and send to:

ABLE Foundation
1700 Lancer Boulevard
La Crescent, MN 55947

Or donate online using the Donate button below
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If you are interested in other ways of making a donation to ABLE Foundation, Inc., such as donating appreciated securities or including ABLE Foundation in your estate plan, please call or email Krista Coey Bernau  to set up an appointment at (507) 895-8111, Ext. 1102 or

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